The Freedom Train Project


The Freedom Train Project Incorporated envisions a world free from coercive control and cultic abuse. This is a world where every individual has the support, resources, and empowerment. People can live a life of dignity and freedom.


The Freedom Train Project actively empowers survivors of coercion within the United States. We guide them from escape to healing and recovery. We offer a holistic range of services. These include peer support groups, legal assistance, collaboration with law enforcement, and therapy with qualified professionals. We also focus on cult education, providing essential supplies, and facilitating access to housing and employment opportunities. Integral to our approach is the promotion of public awareness and support initiatives. We finely tune our services to meet the evolving needs of survivors across various recovery phases.

The Freedom Train Project’s Values

The Freedom Train Project actively dedicates itself to unity, victim-centered support, transparency, empowerment, and inclusivity in its mission to aid victims of coercive control and cultic abuse.

Unity: At The Freedom Train Project, we believe in the power of unity to foster a strong, supportive community. Our efforts are rooted in collaboration and mutual respect. We understand that together, we are stronger in our fight against coercive control and cultic abuse.

Victim-Centered Approach: Central to our mission is a deep commitment to a victim-centered approach. We prioritize the needs, well-being, and voices of the victims we serve. We ensure that our services are tailored to offer the most effective and compassionate support.

Transparency: Transparency is the cornerstone of our operations and relationships. We maintain open communication with our stakeholders, providing clear and honest information about our activities, financials, and decision-making processes.

Empowerment: Empowerment is a key value driving our work. We strive to empower victims of abuse through education, support, and advocacy. We help them regain control of their lives and fostering resilience and self-determination.

Inclusivity: Inclusivity guides our approach to service. We welcome and support individuals from all backgrounds, recognizing the diverse experiences of victims of coercive control and cultic abuse. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone feels valued, understood, and respected.

History of The Freedom Train Project

The Freedom Train Project Incorporated is a notable non-profit organization founded by Tabitha Chapman, a former victim of the NXIVM cult. She works in collaboration with Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH, an expert in behavioral health. The organization was established as a direct response to the challenges and abuses Chapman experienced during her time with NXIVM. NXIVM is a group that gained infamy for its coercive practices and cultic abuse.

About Tabitha Chapman

Chapman’s personal journey and struggle within NXIVM deeply influenced her resolve to create a support system for others facing similar situations. Her firsthand experience provided unique insights into the needs of victims of coercive control and cultic abuse. This drives the mission and services of the Freedom Train Project.

About Dr. Amber D. Gray, DBH

Dr. Amber D. Gray brought her extensive expertise in behavioral health to the partnership, contributing a strong foundation in psychological support and therapy methods tailored to victims of abuse and coercive control. Her academic and professional background in behavioral health was instrumental in shaping the organization’s approach to victim support.

Together, Chapman and Dr. Gray structured the Freedom Train Project Incorporated to focus on providing comprehensive support to victims. This includes referral services to shelters, specialized therapy, integrated behavioral health services, and public education initiatives about coercive control and cultic abuse.

Over the years, the Freedom Train Project has grown into a respected organization in the field of victim service outreach. It has launched several key initiatives, including the International Cult Abuse Awareness Month, victim-centered media guidelines, and a directory service for professionals working with cult victims. The organization also emphasizes peer support groups and readiness support for victims escaping coercive environments.

The Freedom Train Project Incorporated stands as a testament to Chapman and Dr. Gray’s commitment to aiding those affected by cultic abuse and coercive control, turning personal adversity into a beacon of hope and support for many.