About Us

Mission: The Freedom Train Project is to help survivors of coercion to recreate their lives with our signature “Destinations” program, designed to assist in planning an escape, to the process of leaving, and on to the journey to healing. We utilize unique partnerships with victim advocacy agencies, law firms, law enforcement, therapy with qualified therapists, cult education, basic needs supplies, and community resources for housing and employment. The services provided are highly targeted to the needs of these survivors during their different phases of recovery.

Founders: The Freedom Train Foundation was founded by the organization’s President, Tabby Chapman, CVA. Tabby is a former member of the group called NXIVM. The organization was also co-founded by Dr. Amber Deneén Gray, DBH. Tabby saw that many people were stuck on the fence regarding leaving NXIVM because they had no resources outside of their insulated lives that they had built around them. Leaving would cause them to lose virtually everything they had ever worked for and loose every friendship they had cultivated. This organization is designed to help our clients shift their thinking and needs to what it takes to leave as they rebuild their lives. Dr. Gray serves as a Board of Directors member. Tabby invited victim court advocate, Christine Woodman, to join as Vice President on the Board of Director. Christine brings a history of cult and religious coercive control studies.