The Freedom Train Project

International Cult Awareness Month


There are moments of clarity that begin to occur right before one is ready to leave their high-demand group. Perhaps it’s rules and rituals, perhaps it’s control over mind, body, information and emotions. Whatever that is, this is the time when cult education is most important. It’s easy to feel bamboozled, but with a deeper understanding of how narcissistic group leaders operate, one can pull through and get out safely sooner than later.


It’s not easy to leave a circumstance where nearly every aspect of your life is controlled, monitored, and criticized. That’s why we match you with a qualified Victim Advocate to help you create a plan of escape. Once all plans are in place, our agency will connect you with a team of legal advisors, law enforcement, advocates, and other sources to ensure a safe journey. We will provide you with everything you need from basic needs, to transportation and communication.


Once out, one’s next priority will be on themselves and their healing. Our first order of priority will be to send our clients to trauma-informed medical professionals to initiate a plan of care. From there, we will connect you with mental and behavioral health specialists. This is a personalized processes, geared toward each client’s needs and goals.

The Freedom Train Project is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.