The Freedom Train Project

Freedom Express Awards


Leaving a circumstance where nearly every aspect of your life is controlled, monitored, and criticized is difficult. For this reason, we match you with a qualified Victim Advocate to help you create a plan of escape. Once all plans are in place, our agency will connect you with a team of legal advisors, law enforcement, advocates, and other sources to ensure a safe journey. The Freedom Train Project helps provide referrals to services to support stabilization to ensure safety as an utmost priority.


Once out, one’s next priority will be on themselves and their healing. Our first order of preference will be to send our clients to trauma-informed medical and/or behavioral professionals to initiate a plan of care. Secondly, we will connect you with a personalized process for each client’s needs and goals. Here at the Freedom Train Project, we believe there is no single linear path to healing. That is to say, some days we grow; others, we are back at square one. We are here to facilitate your process no matter where you are at.


Survivors begin to build or rebuild a sense of self and create a new future. They come into their power, form new relationships, or deepen existing ones, and often feel driven to make meaningful contributions to society. The trauma no longer defines their identity but becomes part of their life narrative. Consequently, profound personal growth and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning happen at this stage. The Freedom Train Project proudly supports our clients as they integrate into society.

The Freedom Train Project is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.